Our Products & Services

At HDI, we provide peerless data insight to a wide range of partners across the UK hospitality sector and the at-home food and drink sector.  We trace customer behaviour and local markets on a vast scale, accessing better data, creating better insight and delivering better results.

We help our partners across a range of specialisms providing support either via our online platform, through the creation of tailored reports or on a project by project basis.

Market Measurement

Our expert support to the UK hospitality and at-home food and drink sectors includes market measurement, customer tracking, price and promotions evaluation, product category, retailer account data and bespoke insight solutions and business tools.

Outlet Performance

We can help you understand how to improve your performance locally, regionally or nationally.

Competitor Impact

Discover methods of understanding customer and competitor impact of new openings or site investment.

Venue Openings

Through our customer tracking we can help you open new venues in the right locations.
Chief Growth Officer, Côte

We asked HDI to help us with our location planning. I have found the data that HDI provide to be essential in helping us make decisions about how we grow our business. Knowing who buys, how often, where and when is incredible insight that you just can’t see anywhere else.

Customer Tracking

We use billions of credit and debit card transactions to help you understand the profile and changing behaviours of your target customers. Our customer tracking insight allows you greater intelligence for your business and can provide:

Customer Profiling

What type of customers are spending in individual sites, neighbourhoods, brands, formats or online? How’s that changing over time?

Customer Repertoire and Migration

Where else are your customers spending locally or nationally? How’s that changing over time? Who’s winning and who’s losing?

Locational Assessment

How much is being spent in different neighbourhoods, how well suited is the customer profile and trading profile of different venues or locations to your brand?

Behavioural Segmentation

Based on customer spending patterns, what different types of customer spend in and around your venues? How do you target new customer groups with high headroom/potential?
CEO, Punch

The team at HDI provide us with meticulous business intelligence that enables us to understand each individual pub’s performance and its potential down to detailed customer spending versus competitors. They give us innovative solutions that dig deeper into data that presents a greater degree of understanding so we can maximise our pub opportunities and focus on developing the right offer and investments.

Market and Operator Performance

Using our industry leading credit and debit card data we can provide insight to enable your business to understand market trends and operator performance from a full market level to an individual site.

Market Trends

Using our industry leading credit and debit card data we can help you understand market trends at any level from the market, individual venues, specific neighbourhoods, different locations to individual brands, formats, operators and online vendors.

Operator Performance

We can show you individual operator performance against a number of market measures on a weekly basis including sales and transactions, average transaction value, market penetration, customer frequency and customer retention.
Strategy Director, Wagamama

HDI’s customer and competitor insights provide powerful context for the wagamama business. The customer segmentation that HDI created for wagamama has informed the way that we’re building our business from noodlehq to kitchen, and our ability to track how we’re performing against competitors.

Product and Category Insights

We provide high quality product and category support to clients across the UK food and drink sectors:

Price & Distribution Tracking

Continuous monitoring of operator, brand / format and site by site pricing and ranging for several thousand of the UK’s largest restaurants and pubs.

Category Tools

Online tools developed by HDI to help your field teams better support your customers.
On Trade Category Controller, Molson Coors

We’ve been working with HDI for a few years now and they’re a brilliant agency to work with, really pushing the boundaries of what’s possible from a data & insight perspective in the on trade. From providing insight on guest demographic profiles using their Hotspot data through to a variety of more bespoke projects, I’m always confident that I can throw big, juicy questions at the HDI team and they’ll rise to the challenge. HDI are a key agency partner for us – great people to work with, who really get the on trade and what it’s all about.